TransRussia/TransLogistica International Exhibition

The TransRussia exhibition is the largest exhibition in Russia related to the logistics and transport
For more than 20 years the TransRussia exhibition has remained the largest platform for a wide range of transport and logistics representatives, who set goals in the following fields:

Shipment of cargos
Cargos processing at ports and terminals

Shipment of oversized cargos

At the 2018 exhibition 395 companies from 27 countries took part. National expositions were presented by companies from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Estonia. For the first time ever there were expositions from Iran and Mongolia.
The TransRussia exhibition was attended by 16,652 specialists from industries, trading, transport and logistics enterprises.
This year our company was represented by 2 members – the Director of the TKM Company Sergey Movchan and the Manager of the Container Department Ivanna Kuz'menko. There were talks with some of our long standing partners and with new clients and suppliers as well.
We're always open for new proposals!